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 The New Standard In Job-Site Stair Safety 

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TREADX is a revolutionary temporary stair pan tread for that was designed to help increase job-site safety and to minimize labor, material and insurance costs.

Permanent Non-Skid Surface, OSHA Safety Stripe, Non-Conductive, Reusable and Easy to Install and Remove – No Tools Needed.

Available in 3 standard lengths. Custom job specific lengths from 36” and longer are also available.

Key Product Features

  • Fits 1.5” and 2” Concrete Filled Stair Pans

  • Permanent Non-Skid Surface

  • Permanent Safety Stripe

  • Non-Conductive

  • Exceeds OSHA Standards

  • Meets ANSI Standards

  • LEED Compliant

Key Product Benefits

  • Easy and Fast to Install / Remove – NO Tools Needed

  • Impervious to Weather & Water

  • Extremely Strong & Rigid

  • Helps Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents

  • Minimizes Material, Labor & Insurance Costs

  • Reusable / Stackable / Recyclable

Key Product Specifications

  • 3 Standard Lengths (41”, 44” and 47”)

  • Job Specific custom orders from 36” and longer available.

  • Load Rating exceeds 100 psf

  • Concentrated Load Rating exceeds 300 psf

  • Made In USA

  • Patent Pending

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Universal Stair Pan Fitment

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Class B Fire Rated version also available. 

Brand TREADX for your Job Site



Place front/bullnose of TREADX under bullnose of Stair Pan and rotate/drop back into Stair Pan. Press TREADX Debris Plug firmly into Removal Hole. 

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Remove TREADX Debris Plug from Removal Hole with fingers or channel lock pliers. Insert finger or channel lock pliers (can also use hammer, prybar, utility bar, T-Style hook, etc.) into Removal Hole and pull / push TREADX towards bullnose so TREADX pivots against the bullnose into upright position to remove. 

Remove Stair Plug
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