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Revolutionary Temporary Stair Pan Tread 

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TREADX™ is a revolutionary temporary stair pan tread that was designed to help increase job-site safety and to minimize labor, material and insurance costs. 

Permanent Non-Skid Surface, Safety Stripe, Fire Rated, Non-Conductive, Reusable and Easy to Install and Remove – Not Tools Needed.  Available in 3 standard widths but can be ordered for any stair pan width up to 16’.

Key Product Features

  • Fits 1.5” and 2” Fill Stair Pans

  • Permanent Non-Skid Surface

  • Safety Stripe

  • Class B Fire Rating

  • Non-Conductive

  • Exceeds OSHA Standards

  • Meets ANSI Standards

  • LEED Compliant

Key Product Benefits

  • Easy and Fast to Install / Remove – NO Tools Needed

  • Impervious to Weather & Water

  • Extremely Strong & Rigid

  • Helps Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents

  • Minimizes Material, Labor & Insurance Costs

  • Reusable / Stackable / Recyclable

Key Product Specifications

  • 3 Standard Widths (41.75”, 44.75” and 47.75”)

  • Custom Widths available (from 36” to 16’)

  • Load Rating exceeds 100 psf

  • Concentrated Load Rating exceeds 300 psf

  • Made In USA

  • Patent Pending

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Universal Stair Pan Fitment

1.5" Fill Stair Pan Profile

1.5" Fill Stair Pan Profile

2" Fill Stair Pan Profile

2" Fill Stair Pan Profile

Brand TREADX for your Job Site



Insert front/bullnose of TREADX under bullnose of Stair Pan and rotate/drop back into Stair Pan and then press plug into removal hole

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TREADX - Installed.jpg


Remove Stair Plug from removal hole – insert finger, hammer, prybar, utility bar, T-Style hook, etc. into removal hole and pull up and towards bullnose so TREADX pivots against the bullnose into upright position to lift out. 

Remove Stair Plug

Remove Stair Plug

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