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The PROTEX Contractor Bundle

The GaffGun™ Contractor Bundle was specifically designed for the rigors of the construction industry with a waterproof, industrial hard shell case with custom molded foam inserts that protects your GaffGun and accessories in just about any environment.

The GaffGun is a revolutionary multi-purpose door tape applicator tool that makes your most difficult floor tape jobs faster, cleaner and safer.

Manually installing temporary floor protection seam tape is tedious, time-consuming and painful. Yet, the high costs of repairing surface damages makes it a necessity so you might as well make it as simple a process as possible.



GaffGun’s patent-pending design is as easy to use as walking and cuts seam tape application time by up to 90%.

Since construction projects have multiple taping needs throughout the construction process, the Gaff Gun was designed to work with practically any type of tape.

The Gaff Gun has a tension controlled CoreLok hub that automatically keeps tape rolls centered to effortlessly lay tape over cables, extension cords, rope or even air hoses.

In fact, they don’t even have to be straight as the Gaff Gun’s unique funneling system automatically straightens and centers the cables before
laying tape over them.

Easy to Use, Durable, Patent-Pending & Made In USA.

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PROTEX GaffGun Contractor Bundle includes:

  • The GaffGun

  • GT Hard Shell with Foam Inserts

  • Long Extension Handle

  • Floor Guide – For installing PROTEX®

  • Small Cable Guide – Compatible with 2″-3″ tapes (fits 1-2 cables)

  • Medium Cable Guide – Compatible with 3″ tapes (fits 3-4 cables)

  • Large Cable Guide – Compatible with 3″ tapes (fits 5-6 cables)

  • 3 Standard CoreLok™ Tape Core Adapters

A better way to tape

The GaffGun is the multi-purpose tool of tape applicators.
It performs many different taping jobs in many different industries.

Use GaffGun for


Safety is the number one priority on every construction project. Everyone involved spends days assessing risk, designing schedules, finding ways to prevent injury and damages, dealing with Building and Occupational Health and Safety Inspectors to find ways to reduce violations, damages and costs.

The GaffGun™ represents one of the most significant leaps forward in jobsite safety by making easy work of installing PROTEX® temporary surface protection products and cutting down trip hazards.

Standard Applications:

  • Installing PROTEX® Products

  • Marking Floors

  • Installing Safety Tape

  • Taping Cables

  • Taping Air Hoses

Film Production

If there is a business where the saying “time equals money” is true it’s the film business. It’s also a business where a lot of tape needs to be put down – layout board seam tape, spike tape, gaffer’s tape, and double-sided tape. The GaffGun can save you up to 90% installation time over traditional ‘hands and knees’ taping.

Standard Applications:

  • Seaming Layout Board

  • Taping Cables

  • Marking Stages

  • Seaming Dance Floors

GaffGun FAQs

Do I have to use PROTEX® Products’ Seam Tape? 

You do not have to purchase "GaffGun" tape, but you do need to purchase tape with the orange CoreLock core system.

PROTEX does not make tape, but instead has partnered with the world's best tape suppliers to provide their trusted tapes onto GaffGun's CoreLock core. With every tape company having a different size diameter core, the CoreLock core ensures a perfect fit every time on your GaffGun.

The CoreLock core also centers the tape on the GaffGun and allows you to utilize the GaffGun’s™ tensioning system, making tape application smooth and stable.

How many cables will the GaffGun™ accept?

Due to differences in shielding and gauge, no two cables are exactly alike. That means there's no definite rule about how many cables can consistently fit within the GaffGun's™ funnel. But, we do have some guides available indicating combinations we know to work:

  • Small CableGuide: 1-2 XLR cables; 10/16" wide funnel opening; 0.7" funnel ground clearance

  • Medium CableGuide: 3-4 XLR cables; 1-1/8" wide funnel opening; 0.7" funnel ground clearance

  • Large CableGuide: 5-6 XLR cables; 1-3/8" wide funnel opening; 0.7" funnel ground clearance

On what surfaces can the GaffGun™ be used?

The GaffGun™ works on most surfaces where its wheels are able to roll. To ensure cables within the funnel of the GaffGun™, a relatively low ground clearance must be maintained. Because of this, the GaffGun™ may scrape on uneven surfaces like exposed aggregate.

The GaffGun™ is designed to be an industrial tool; each device is hand-assembled in our Seattle-area warehouse using heavy-duty materials, and built to last. In fact, the body of the GaffGun is made of the same material used for pulleys on cranes on deep sea fishing ships. (That means it's really tough!)

Do I have to go back after I lay down PROTEX seam tapes and press tape down again for a strong seam between PROTEX surface protection sheets?  

The GaffGun™ was designed to be weighted for even tape adhesion in mind.  That coupled with the PROTEX Products’ Tru-Lay Flat™ temporary surface protection sheets mean that the tape is applied with even pressure to help prevent save you from having to go back and adhere tape after the seam tape run is complete. However, floor environment, surface, cleanliness and other factors can all play a part in the performance of the tape adhesion so always double-check seam tape runs to ensure they are safe and secure.