Extreme Duty Elevator Protection

PROLiftMAX™ is an extreme duty temporary elevator wall & ceiling protection panel that provides unsurpassed job-site impact and puncture protection for the harshest and most demanding projects.

Extremely Rigid, Light Weight, Non-Staining, Non-Abrasive, and Easy to Trim for Fast Installation.

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Key PROLiftMAX Benefits

  • Easy to Trim, Install & Remove

  • Minimizes Waste, Labor and Repair Costs LEED Compliant

  • Patented Pending

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Made in USA

PROLiftMAX Kit Includes:

  • 9 x PROLiftMAX Panels
    (4’ x 9’)

  • 20 x PROLift Corner Braces (6’ x 4” x 4”)

  • 2 x PROLift Seam Tape Rolls (2” x 180’)

Product Specifications

  • Materials: 100% Recycled Paper & Plastic

  • Size: 48”x 108”- 4’x 9’

  • Thickness: 0.86 (Caliper) - 0.86” - 860 mil - 860 pt

  • Type: Bonded Honeycomb Flat Panel

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PROLiftMAX Exploded View.png

“PROLiftMAX is very easy for one person to install, and (I) even used to protect the elevator ceiling. It has taken a lot of very hard hits but absolutely no damage at all. This is a really neat system and I will be spec’ing on all future projects”.
— Mike S. – Interiors Superintendent

PROLiftMAX Impact Testing Video