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KPX - A revolutionary temporary kick plate safety marker and guard that protects photoluminescent egress tapes on steel stair landings and stringers to help increase job-site safety and to minimize repairs. 

The new standard in job-stair stair safety. 

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Key KPX™ Product Features

  • Fits Junior Channel

  • Fits 6 Gauge to 1/4” Steel Plate

  • Protects Photoluminescent Egress Tapes

  • Very Durable and Lightweight

  • Hand Trim-able

  • Meets OSHA Standards

  • LEED® Compliant

Key KPX™ Safety Standards

  • Helps Prevent Trips and Falls

  • Minimizes Damage Repair and Labor Costs

  • Easy and Fast to Install / Remove

  • 100% Recyclable

KPX - Junior Channel

KPX - Junior Channel

KPX - Steel Plate

KPX - Steel Plate

Hand Trim-Able

Hand Trim-Able

Brand KPX for your Job Site

Brand KPX for your Job Site

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KPX - Steel Plate Features.jpg